Wednesday, 21 October 2009

SOA Service Registry/Repository

How exciting. At long last I am a working somewhere with thousands of services, a SOA registry/repository, a service registrar and established governance processes around the use of services.

Could life get any better for an SOA believer?

Yes, because unfortunately some groups have decided that all this stuff is too much bother and have come to a peer-peer arrangement regarding the use of services.

So the registry is inaccurate.

So the whole house of cards collapses in a horrible, useless heap.

You see, reuse like recycling only works if the there are practical as well as ideological reasons for doing it. In this case either the governance was not strong enough, or the populace were not sufficiently bought into the enterprise benefit of SOA. Take your pick.

Lesson? A registry does not an SOA make, whereas an organisation (emphasis on organise) just might have a chance.