Thursday, 22 October 2009

What do I put in my SOA service registry?

I'll talk later about asset management, but for now, what exactly belongs in the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) service registry?

Well, services obviously, stupid.

But what about stored procedures? Or legacy, remotely invokeable services? Or batch feeds? Or ETL (Extract Transform and Load)?

I would suggest that the answer to this is "yes". I know there is no fancy XML contract that can be enforced at runtime etc but so what?

SOA is about organising your enterprise as much as anything else, which is why I believe Enterprise Architecture is a pre- or co-requisite to SOA (but that's another rant), and if you are documenting and governing your services (of all types) then you're well on your way to the path of SOA enlightenment.

Standardisation of protocol and interface will follow.