Tuesday, 31 July 2012

REST Web Service API Documentation using RESTdoclet

IG Group has open-sourced RESTdoclet, a maven plugin for generating web-based REST API documentation from REST Java web services implemented using the Spring REST framework.

The plugin:

·         supports Spring 3 REST annotations and JavaDoc out of the box,
·         does not require any additional annotations,
·         is easily integrated with Maven continuous build processes, with minimal configuration,
·         supports multiple streams of service development, and
·         publicises documentation in an interactive, Javadoc-like form, to the web, thus providing a source-code agnostic guide to service consumers.

REST java web service documentation

Fig 1. Summary Page

Fig 2. Detail Page

The source includes a fully-functional Spring sample application which provides a complete example of how to build Java RESTful web services using the Spring 3 REST framework.

For more details and download details, go to the IG Group github pages.  An overview and usage documentation may be found on the RESTdoclet wiki pages.