Tuesday, 30 October 2012

SOA or Just a Bunch Of Web Services (JABOWS)?

A Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) is more than just a bunch of web services (JABOWS), but which do you have?

  • Do you have a place where services can be discovered, learned about and tried out?
  • Are your services being reused, sometimes in unexpected ways?
  • Are your service clients viewed as customers?
  • Are you able to upgrade service implementations and interfaces without any disruption to your service clients?
  • Do you know how your services are being used?  Do you have service-level agreements that are being monitored and enforced?
  • Do you have a service charging model?
  • Are your developers enjoying and being rewarded for reuse?
  • Do you have processes for regulating the usage and change of services?
  • Are you able to provide dynamic capacity management?
  • Do you have service development, interface and contract standards?
  • Are your services secure?
  • Do you have automated service regression testing?
  • Does your business understand the need to protect its service assets, and to curb its appetite for tactical change?
  • Could your services be easily exposed to the Cloud?

I think the last question is probably the most incisive.  If the answer is no, then you are just doing a bunch of web services, no matter what lip service you pay to the other questions.